Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tuesday Giggles.

We have had a laugh today at the wee chaps new found love of words. He loves that we all cheer when he gets it right and repeats or comes away with his latest word or saying.

This morning when I came downstairs Daddy and Caleb had been up for a while and had all Caleb's cars out on the floor playing. One of Caleb's newest cars is his Daddy's Fire Engine circa 1982. Hubby's parents bought it for him the day they brought home his new baby sister to distract him a bit and now Caleb has it. When I came in and sat down with them, Caleb rolled it to me and said 'fire engine' as clear as day. I nearly keeled over giggling at him and how funny and clever he is. He's so proud when he tells you what he's thinking and saying now. 

After breakfast we headed to the supermarket and he immediately shouts 'fast car' and we turn to see Lightening McQueen from disney cars on the shelf in matchbox form again we started giggling and clapping for him. He's just so funny and cute that we had to buy it for him.

Later at dinner tonight he was in his highchair and busily eating his dinner and suddenly told me 'futt off'.  I nearly died laughing. I wondered what the heck he was trying to say but I know what it sounded like. EEK. It cant be. After about 5 minutes of giggling uncontrollably together he finally raised his 'foot' and showed me his socks hanging off. How funny. He was telling me his sock was coming off and because foot's a new word to him he obviously thinks his socks are foots too. 

We have had a laugh today and I'm so super proud of my clever little boy. He's been hiding all this chat for months now. Sneaky. Ha ha.


  1. This is such a wonderful age isn't it. It's great being able to actually have a two way conversation with them. I love it now my little one is so chatty now. Although we have to be so careful what we say as she repeats absolutely everything.

  2. Ooooh its so very lovely when they start to chat... and chat.... and chat! And those uncontrollable giggles just adorable!


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