Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Time and Money Management

I have two things in life I'm not particularly talented at. Managing time and money. I'm just now that great at it and this month I've made it my mission to get my finger out with both.

I have control of our finances and used to be so organised with it, nowadays I feel like my heads all over the place and don't take time to sit down and work out a budget and pay bills. Again this is down to the time issue too. Maybe I need to make lists. I hear of mummies doing that also I need to plan a day to go through our finances and get them completely back in order.

Since I've had Caleb this time round I never get any me time and I tend to neglect the important things, but I need to become a organised mummy and housewife asap.



  1. Would love to help but I come from the "winging it" school of life

  2. its starting to stress me so must get a grip. lolx


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