Monday, 13 September 2010

We're Talking

For those of you whom I speak to on twitter and who know me personally you'll know that Caleb's walking and talking is quite far behind for his age. The professionals put it down to lazyitis as he's quite advanced in other ways. His general playing and other motor skills are pretty far advanced.

Well at last we are attempting to talk. He's not talking in single words now its sentences straight off. This week his favourites are

The bus is away.
Papa away with sophie
Bye bye you guys
Bye sophie and papa
Dadda at work.
All done, finished
Lady on the bus.
Want to go there.

This is a triumph as he's soooo stubborn and we thought he might start talking in time for school the way he was going. Obviously its baby talking and as cute as can be but I'm chuffed to bits with him.

His walking's coming on too. I've started making him walk holding one hand and taking him by the hand instead of in the pram for short journeys and he seems a lot happier to totter around in the house now unaided.

'By George I think the boy's got it!!!!' (at last and not before time)

too cute to worry.


  1. Woo hoo - go Caleb. You know it would be like this though didn't you.

  2. Big *whoop* well done Caleb and obviously mummy too :)

  3. Doesn't sound like he's behind on his talking any more. That's fantastic!


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