Monday, 13 September 2010



Today I went to pick up prescriptions at the chemist and renewed my prepayment voucher which pays for all my prescriptions up front for 3 months. It runs out on the 13th December and what did the assistant say to me?? That's right, ' then it'll be christmas'. ARGHHHHHHHH. I nearly fainted. Christmas??? I'm not mentally prepared for that thought. It's come around much too fast again.

Every year I decide I will start getting organised for the next year as soon as new year is over with. Do I? Eh, No! I keep putting it off until next month and then some delightful creature reminds me that its nearly around the corner.

This year I cant contemplate it. I still have Sophies birthday to come at the end of September. Mine end of October,then my nephews 5th ,Caleb's end of November and my sisters baby's due to be delivered by C-section on the 2nd of November too. All that expense and Christmas straight after. Seriously bad planning by me and my extended family.

So do I start now or let it slide until the blind panic in December? Maybe I'll mull this question over for a while and deal with it next month. *SIGH*

my little monkeys last christmas


  1. I love that photo. Cheeky chappy Caleb

  2. the cheeks shining out of him isnt it? lol

  3. Bloody Xmas?! Grumble, grumble grumble. I spotted selection boxes in Tesco today! x


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