Sunday, 19 September 2010

Photos That Sum up My Family

Caleb 4 weeks old
Calebs 1st birthday
June 2010
Sophie being a monkey
My old girl misti 17 years old
My Big sister 5months pregnant June 2010
Christmas 2009
Caleb 10 months
Caleb and Papa Christmas day 2009
My 2 boys
Daddy and Caleb October 2010
Calebs 1st Birthday. He liked the boxes best. 
Calebs 1st birthday playing with all his toys. 
This is how I think of my little boy at all times. Laughing. 
Sophie and Caleb July 2009
Gran and papa and sophie at their 40th wedding anniversary
My mummy, My Girl and I.
Mummy and Caleb 4 weeks
Caleb June 2009
These are some of my absolute favourite photos of my family and I over the last year. I just wanted to share them with you. My guys rock my world.


  1. What lovely family photos. Definitely ones to cherish.

  2. Beautiful photos I just love the one of you with your mum and girly :)


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