Tuesday, 22 March 2011

All About Persevering

What is it with toddlers and their eating habits?? One minute they hate something and the next they cant get enough of it. For my boy it seems to be bread that was his biggest foe always has been. He wouldn't eat toast or sandwiches full stop. It makes life very awkward when you are trying to thing of things to produce when you're on the hop or if you're out the house. Picnics were a trauma for me, having to make sandwiches for us and trying to find things he would eat. I've tried over and over again to try different ways of producing bread products to him with no success. Until now......................

My Mum has always told me with both kids to try them with things now and again that they don't like as their tastes and fads change as fast as they do so recently I tried him with banana toasties. He wouldn't eat them himself but if I cut them up into squares and fed them to him he'd eat about a quarter of one and always said 'yum yum tasty', RESULT!!! However, still if I tried him with toast or just bread he wouldn't touch it at all and basically acted offended by it.

Last week we were in the supermarket and I saw spaghetti hoops and thought how long it'd been since I had that with toast. So we bought two small tins, one with hot dogs in and one without.I thought I'd try him with some and see what he thought too. Its not something I ever buy or give my kids. I boiled up the ones with hot dogs in for him and served with white toast. He loved them and even had two or three bites of toast with them. I couldn't believe it. So the next morning I made him toast and jam and put it in front of him and shock, he ate it again.

When my husband came home at the weekend he was in shock that this boy would touch toast at all and when he promptly wolfed down two slices in front of him we all cheered. Crazy I know but its a huge break through in simplifying his eating.

He likes it good and buttery. So much so hes wearing it. 

This week he's eating sandwiches with turkey breast in and toast by the truck load. It just goes to show, sometimes Grannie knows best when it comes to the tried and tested methods of getting them to eat anything.


  1. that's great that he's now eating bread! Much easier for lunches especially now picnic season is coming!
    And he's so cute

  2. We do the same thing. Just keep on trying food again and again. They are so fussy.

  3. Arent they??? I'm determined he won't grow up fussy now tho.


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