Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Best Part of Motherhood

I absolutely love being a Mum. I love cuddles, kisses, smiles, baby smells absolutely everything but I think the best bit of all has to be watching them discover the world and its beauty. Something they love with that instant amazement and awe.  Things as adults we take for granted but to them is the most wonderful thing they've ever seen.

On Sunday we went for a family day out to Glasgow West End. We went walking round the town in the sun and popped into Kelvin Grove again to let the kids have a wander round their favourite bits of the museum. When we came out of Kelvin Grove we saw the most beautiful trees filled with Blossom. We commented on how gorgeous they were, but Caleb made an absolute beeline for them. He spent an hour running under them and looking up saying 'Wow, goodness, its beeeeeeeeeeeoootiful' . I don't think I've ever seen him so completely amazed. We all stood around giggling with tears in our eyes at how tiny and sweet he was.

Watching you're little one, grow up and discover the world and nature has to be one of the best bits of motherhood for me and I feel so privileged to be blessed with my little people.

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