Thursday, 17 March 2011

My Anniversary.

Yesterday was our 4th Wedding Anniversary. Four Years ago we trouped to the registry office with just our parents in tow.

We had a big white affair organised but it soon became a case of too many cooks spoiling it (and I don't mean my parents), so after a bit of a hard few days for us and a massive bereavement for me I phoned Hubby at work and said that I was going to the registry office to book a date to get married and we weren't telling a living soul. He agreed it was a good idea for where we were at that time in our relationship so off I went and spoke to a lovely registrar. She had a cancellation exactly 2 weeks to the day so I booked it and paid our £80 and posted our bands.

After a bit of contemplating we decided we should tell my Mum and see what she thought about our idea and we knew she would be supportive no matter what. She was, massively and said it was up to us how we did it and it was about us and no one else. We decided to tell both sets of parents and ask my Mum and Hubby's Dad to be our witness's. We thought it was a nice gesture. My sister and her Husband were supportive too and were happy to be involved or not, whichever we felt comfortable with. Not everyone in the immediate family was as understanding and as per usual there were a few people happy to make it as much about them as they could but we stood our ground and kept it just us and parents with Sophie.

As the day approached there was no stress, no nerves, no flapping or interference. My Mum and Sister took me for a lovely girls lunch out the day before. On the day, I went to work to tidy up some stuff and then for a sunbed and to buy some Mothers Days gifts to give to our Mums and Hubby's Gran later that day. Then, I came home and had some lunch with him and Dad picked us up at 1pm. The two sets of parents had chipped in for a weekend away for us after it and told us to pack suitcases so we did and set off to the wedding. Mum had made me a lovely bunch of Flowers to hold and Sophie was taken out of school and dressed up by her to look cute and had flowers too.

The service took 15 minutes and was perfect. We had cut out any vows that weren't required by law and our sisters arrived soon after and my sister took a stack of photos. Then Mum said all back to her house for some Champagne so off we went.

When we got there Mum had a gorgeous buffet and lots of Champagne and soon all our relatives arrived from all over. Mum had told each one individually to come for lunch and so they had no clue, neither did we and it was lovely.  At dinner time my Uncle and Aunt ran us to the Hilton in Glasgow where our parents had booked us the presidential suite for 3 days 2 nights all inclusive and it was wonderful. We met a lovely couple there who were from Wales and we spent the weekend eating and drinking with them and had a fabulous time.

In the end it was the best way to get married for us and I loved every second of it. I wouldn't change it for the world.

In the August of that year as we had my dress already ordered and they venue booked for our original wedding we had a lovely blessing and party for all the our family and some who hadn't managed to our wedding in March and I didn't enjoy any of it at all. My proper wedding day is the one that holds the best memories for me and I'm so happy to have them.

So yesterday with Hubby being away on his course with work I thought I would spend my 4th Wedding Anniversary alone, but Hubby surprised me and phoned at lunchtime to say he was down and come to meet him then told me he was coming home for the night and although we spent the evening at Parents night it was still lovely not to spend it without him.

Happy 4th Anniversary Hubby.


  1. Sounds like you did the right thing and had the day that you wanted. Sounded just perfect.

  2. Aww wow Happy anniversary. You look stunning. What a beautiful day you had the way you wanted. x

  3. Awww what a lovely post. It's lovely you got to have your day just the way you wanted it!


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