Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Perfect Day for a Tiny Boy

Today I woke up in a dark mood. It was like having a stinking depressing hangover. Sore head, feeling sick and generally down and fed up. So we decided to go for a walk to blow off the cobwebs so to speak.

I packed up the boy and the pram and off we set. We walked to the supermarket and picked up something for dinner and met lots of people we knew and chatted then as we were walking along the main street Caleb informed me he wanted to go to the water (sea) so off we went.

When we got to the prom I lifted him out and let him run around wild. It was cold and windy (just how I love it) and I chased him with the pram while he ran giggling. If that doesn't lift your mood nothing will. Then, we saw 3 tractors further along the beach clearing up the sand. So we ran along at top speed and went to watch them.  It was the best fun that boys had in ages. He just stood for about an hour watching the men hard at work. Every now and again they would drive the tractor up to the wall and wave to us. Caleb was in his element.

There was another little boy ,Finlay, who's Gran had him out for a walk, arrived while we were there too so he stood with him for some of the time and laughed and played. It was so lovely to watch. Caleb isn't around kids his own age very often and it was nice to see that he knows how to play and interact.

This was a good day for my little man.

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