Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Kelvin Grove - Our Best Family Day out

On Sunday of this week before my Hubby departed for his training course we decided at the last minute to go for a lovely family day out. I needed some cheering up and he wanted some quality family time. We firstly thought about taking the kids to the farm park locally but it wasn't open so we started looking around for other places. Sophie had been recently to Kelvin Grove with her grandparents and said she would love to go again and thought Caleb would love it too as he loves animals and dinosaurs. So we got ready and set off to go.

I hadn't been since primary school when I lived in Glasgow and was really quite excited. Often a day away and with the family can lift my spirits more than anything so I couldn't wait to get there.

We arrived at around 12pm and got a guide brochure and got going round. Firstly we came to a room with a spitfire plane suspended from the ceiling and lots of huge animal exhibits and that was it, Caleb and I were smitten. Job done.

We spent a grand total of 3 hours going round all the exhibits and art gallery and Caleb plodded round on his own two little legs and had the best time. He paid great attention to everything, played with all the interactive bits for kiddies and loved every second.

The wheel makes the fish spin.  AAAMMAAAZZZING

Its blurred as he was running but I love how this shows how tiny he was running around. 

 Sophie just adored spending quality family time and enjoyed running around after her little brother. They were all a joy to be around.

My Babies

With free admission and only a pound for the carpark for 4 hours it is THE place to go on a family day out in Glasgow. We spent a grand total of £15 and most of that was on lunch in the cafe. I would have happily spent more time and money on such a perfect day out. If  Hubby hadn't had to rush back to pack and leave for his course we could have happily seen more. I hope to go back soon.

If you're ever in Glasgow I advise you to go. It is lovely.

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