Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A Perfect Saturday

This Saturday while my hubby was home for the weekend we were looking for things to do with the kids as a family. I Googled things to do in the West of Scotland and the first thing to come up was a place I'd never heard of Amazonia in Strathclyde Country Park just outside my Daddys old hometown of Uddingston.  So off we went without a clue what we were off to see. 

When we got there it was basically just a big humid room made out like an amazon forest with butterfly's and birds flying around and displays of monkeys, spiders, ants and generally animals you would find in the amazon. It was fab. Caleb the butterfly obsessive was in heaven. Although its not huge or anything like a zoo or anything of the sort we really enjoyed it. 

busy hanging out with his monkey friends

Scary looking softie

Love the monkeys
Can I touch it daddy???
Cute lizard
Calebs other favourite were the fish
The cutey pie monkeys loved the kids and I think they all felt the same.
some of the birdies flying around were so cute. 

Mummy made another friend.

We bought tickets for the animal handling experience too but one of the animals was a tarantula so I had a quick shot of the gorgeous snake Eva and made my departure. I don't generally like spiders. I regret it now and wish I had. 

The most gorgeous snake ever.

It was a very enjoyable day out and not overly expensive. 


  1. Amazonia is fun! We've been once and can't wait to go back again. Brave lady holding the snake there LOL

  2. I have a fear of snakes no more. She is so sweet, I could have brought her home easily.


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