Thursday, 10 March 2011

I'm All DIY'd Out

Since Hubby's been away with work I've been trying to catch up with some jobs needing doing since the big room move and redecoration.

Last week I started attempting to make Caleb's new room (our old room) a bit more of a little boys room without major redecoration. So i invested in some wall transfers and a new blind. That was all well and good but it still wasn't cutting it for me.

His favourite wall with Buzz on. 

starting to take shape

When we had the wall moved in the room to create a larger box room last year we added some IKEA stick on mirrors to the wall to help give a feeling of space. Since Caleb's been in there they just looked wrong and generally spoiled the whole place. So yesterday I attacked them. Possibly stupidly but I got the bug and went and hauled the off the wall. Unfortunately I pulled half the plaster off the wall at the same time, so needless to say I have spent the last 24 hours doing as good a patch up job as I can on the damn thing.

Mirrors on the wall

Luckily I had some of the wall transfers left and we had bought a shelf at the weekend to see what they looked like up so I have hidden the worst of my plastering attempt under them and strangely I don't think its at all too bad. We'll see what hubby says when he gets home but I'm thinking another couple of the little shelves and I'm done with the naughty wall. Phew. No more stick on mirrors ever again.

No Mirrors and a patch up. 
I'm now thinking the bed needs a new headboard and some new furniture then what can I attack next?????


  1. I love the Toy Story picture! Wee Z's room needs decorated as it's still quite baby-ish. Soon he'll be telling me it's uncool!

  2. I love it too hon.Its not in the right place for me though but we cant get it out the wall again. lol


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