Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ewan 'Our' Dream Sheep.

This my Mummy friends is Ewan The Dream Sheep from www.easidream.com and he rocks the worlds of babies and toddlers. He is an amazing must have and at £29.99 hes immense value for money when you see what he actually does.

We first heard about Ewan in twitter and I was intrigued. Some people claimed he was even loved by 5 year olds and up. I firstly ordered him out of curiosity. It couldn't be true that a cuddly sheep could cause such a sensation amongst the mummies. He arrived just in time when Caleb was 13 months and days away from a horrific bought of Noro Virus. He was sick for nearly two weeks and halved his body weight but we had only one sleepless night the first night and after that all we had to do was turn on Ewans harp leg and it was like a miracle. He would settle instantly. At this time we were amazed. We wondered a bit if it was a one off and he would maybe grow too old for him to work quite soon being a near toddler, but he came in handy too many times to count as next came the molars. Poor Caleb was so unhappy a lot of nights and as soon as the harp music went on he would lie happily and stare at Ewan. Even when he didn't lull Caleb back to sleep he would make him settled and happy. We are in awe of him. I can't count the amount of times we have relied on Ewan for his help and he's never as yet let us down.

Caleb is now 27months and recently had an accident I blogged about and after it he didn't want to be left alone in his cot at all that night. So I sat for hours cuddling and rocking a very tired very screamy boy. Every now and again I would try to lie him down and he would cling to my neck and scream. After 2 hours my husband came in and asked me why I hadn't tried his sheep and in my distress I had totally forgotten. I lay Caleb down, brought Ewan down to him and turned him on while sitting on the floor holding the little mans hand, within less than a minute he was asleep. I rest my case!!!!!

Recently when my sister had her little boy I gave him a Ewan as a gift and he adores him too. Any babies that are born from now on he will by my No1 gift idea. He's a must for any wanna be sane Mummies.

Ewan we love you and thank you Easidream.

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  1. Baaaaaaa I am sooooo jumping for joy....I love your little Caleb and any little ones out there can be sure to get some sleep, if they have their very own cuddly ewan from my flock. Big hugs and heaps of love.. ewan the dream sheep :) xxxxxx


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