Saturday, 2 April 2011

Great Day Out

Today we went to Eglington Park nearby and we had a lovely walk in the woods where Caleb found lots of sticks and enjoyed running around waving them and poking stuff with them.

Some of them were bigger than he is but he loved them. The weather was lovely and it meant we could just let him play as long as he wanted to and run wild which was lovely. We saw lots of doggies much to his enjoyment and there was a horse show on too which he loved watching.

We went to river and watched some doggies wading in for sticks and at one point Caleb attempted to jump in after them and when we stopped him lets just say he was disappointed. haha. So we got him moving and went to the park to play. He loved all the climbing frames, chutes and spinning cups. He made us spin him so much he was extremely dizzy and laughed himself silly.

He wasn't the littlest bit shy about playing like he usually is and made a few cute little buddies.

When it started to get a little chilly we enticed him out of the park with a packet of fruit flakes and a bottle of water.  We found a nice picnic area where there were adorable little birds around so we sat and watched them.
As we were sitting it started to rain a little so we headed back to the car and headed home for dinner. It was a lovely day and so great to get some fresh air. Good times.


  1. ahh, some lovely pics, he is very cute. Sounds like you had a good day. I would've had to entice my kids out with Haribo's & Pop!! ha ha

  2. Looks like you had fun. The little one hates those spinning things but also found a "pet" stick today.

  3. Hahaha pet stick love it. :o). Amazing how much fun they can have with a bit of tree. Hey helen, nothing wrong with haribo and Pop. Sounds good to me. lol. Yogurt covered fruit flakes are his favourite right now and the bottled water with a bee on it. Who am I to argue. :o)x


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