Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Gallery - My Blog

I haven't taken part in ' The Gallery' for ages, or even this year I think so although this weeks topic stumped me a little here goes.

This week the topic over at  Tara Cains sticky fingers blog is 'My Blog'.

So, what does my blog mean to me? It started out as the place I wanted to become a 'Mummy Blogger' someone who had advice a tips for other mummy's and reviews. In the end once I put fingers to keyboard so to speak it became just a diary of my family. I don't any longer consider myself a 'Mummy Blogger' and to be honest don't strive to be either. I post about whats on my mind, causes I believe in, what we have been up to as a family and the trials and tribulations of life in general for a wife, mother,daughter, friend, sister, cat owner and  bi polar sufferer.

It's come a long way in a year. I started it nearly exactly a year ago with this post The 28th of April to be exact and posted only 96 posts until December 2010. This year I have posted 64 times already in 4 months. It's now the place I come to escape and talk to myself about whatever I feel at the time. If you read it and like it fine. If you don't well, its really not about you, it's about me. I don't have anything else really that's just mine alone and about me, so selfishly, or not so selfishly this is ALL ABOUT ME.

And a lot about Him. (cause hes amazing)

AND some about them (CUTE my babies)
Once and a blue moon about HIM. (not often though sheesh)

But mostly all about ME ME ME ME. 

The Gallery: Every Wednesday


  1. you & sophie look so much alike in those pictures.
    and I like reading about YOU YOU YOU !!
    Please write a post about the sodastream wine, I will love you for that!!

  2. mwah and I love your comments. xx


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