Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Fairy Hobmother Visits

I had the loveliest surprise just the other day. A surprise visit from 'The Fairy Hobmother' after leaving a comment on the lovely Dawns blog over at The Moiderer.

The Fairy Hobmother goes around blog land sprinkling happy dust in the form of gifts in return for a little mention on your blog. Its fantastic. I was offered some Amazon vouchers which couldn't have come at a better time. Last week I was eyeing up slow cookers in a shop while I was out with Caleb and thinking how much easier it would make my life as I am terrible for going out all day and then being so late feeding the troops. What would suit me better than being able to stick the dinner on in the morning and it be ready for eating at dinner time. So, I was over the moon of the prospect of a little help with the price of one.

I went online and ordered a Morphy Richards 6.5l Slow Cooker from Amazon and am over the moon with it already. It arrived last night and first thing this morning I threw in onion, mince, tomatoes, garlic, dried herbs and beef stock and left it on low. Needless to say tonight we had yummy spag bol which we all enjoyed and even better it was on time.

Yum Yummy

So, a huge thank you Fairy Hobmother.

If you fancy a visit from the Fairy Hobmother why not leave a comment below and see if it could be your turn for a surprise next.


  1. How cool is that. I've never used a slow cooker but they sound like a great idea. Well done the Fairy Hobmother. x

  2. wow, aren't you lucky! I love my slow cooker, so easy (when I'm organised!)

  3. I've been thinking about buying a slow cooker! Good for bolognese, curries, stews...yum!

  4. You are so on a roll these days! Don't forget to check out my recipe list. There are some yummy ones there

  5. Good Luck ladies. Yes thanks D I have checked it out and am so excited I want to make them all. YUM x

  6. Lucky you. A slow cooker sounds perfect for us. But I still haven't got round to buying one.

  7. Well you never know hon. Good luck. x

  8. I do love my slow cooker. My new one is fab, it has a timer on and everything!!


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