Monday, 11 April 2011

My Laminated List

Here's one I haven't done before. Lovely Kate over at Kate Takes 5 's Listography.

Basically this week it is based on the episode from Friends where Ross choses his top 5 woman he'd like to have a one night stand with and as they are famous and unobtainable he's allowed a 'laminated list'.

Most of my 5 will come as no surprise to those who know me. Some of them are slightly more out there. I have very strange taste in some men and theres no 'type' in there so stand by and hold on to your hats......

Here goes........

1/ Didier Drogba who Plays for chelsea. I am his ultimate female follower. I love a man with talent too and this guys football skills are second to none in my opinion and I adore his bad boy attitude. RARH!!

2/ Morgan Freeman. Amazing actor and I can't explain why he'd be on my list at 72 years of age he just does it for me. Sorry.

3/ Jared Leto. What more can I say other than YUM.

4/ Jamie Rednapp. Not only is he very handsome and stylish but a lovely guy from what I can see and has a beautiful family. Would just quite like to shake his hand I think though as his wife is too nice for me to lust after her man.

5/ Zac Efron. Sooooooo wrong but yet I can't help it. I would. He's adorabley gorgeous. Its a standing joke in our house that I'm a cradle snatching woman and need to NOT watch 17 again anymore. (only seen it ohhhhh 100+ times. )

So there you go. It's out there and I bet you're thinking I'm even more strange now. Go on tell me yours.


  1. mmmm, yes Jamie Redknapp, I'll fight you for him! Maybe Morgan Freeman in his younger days but that photo is not doing anything for me!! And Zac Effron...well yes, that is wrong! ha ha

    Great list.

  2. From Morgan Freeman to Zac Efron - that is some list! I think you may be mentally unstable - however your love of Caleb redeems you!

  3. Very diverse! Ranging from Morgan to Zac! Jared gets my vote :-)

  4. Great list! I'm with you on Zac but I feel very pervy even admitting that! I'm a fellow Scottish blogger and got a heads up on your blog from Laura's blog. Thought I'd pop in and say hi. x

  5. LOL thanks for that Kate. I may just be. lol Jared gets a big super star mummy and hi claire nice to meet you. Am following your blog now too. x

  6. You certainly don't have a type! Zac is pretty, but I reckon he'll bloom in the next ten years. As for Morgan - I'm lost there. Well, apart form his voice - he does have a smooth voice. Shah .X

  7. Jared - gorgeous! Zac - gorgeous! Hmm not so keen on Morgan, I like Denzel. Old guys need on those lists too you know LOL x


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