Saturday, 16 April 2011

Whats in My Fridge???

I've been tagged by the lovely Helen over at in the meme 'The Refridgerator' . Now I have to show you and list the contents of my fridge. Considering I did a shop yesterday I'm dreading it. I may be here for some time. EEK

Ok so here's the vast list. 

Arran Chutney
Kiwi Soda Stream syrup
Cranberry soda stream syrup
1pt skimmed milk
21/2ltres semi skimmed milk
2ltres of full fat milk
Helmans Mayo extra light
2 bottles of Erdinger
1 Bottle of Sauv Blanc (didnt last long)
Petit Filous
Sliced Turkey
Sliced Ham
A whole chicken
Steak Mince
Diced stewing steak
Diced carrot and swede
Grated Cheddar
Mature Cheddar
2 Packs of Lurpak Lighter
8 Cans of Diet Coke
4 orange sugar free fruit shoots
4 apple sugar free fruit shoots
Cranberry Jelly
Raspberry Jam 
13 Eggs
Sandwich Pickle

So there you are. Its all a bit bonkers and  a a mish mash of tastes. So whats in your fridge. Give us a look......


Sorry if you have already been tagged ladies if not good luck. 

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  1. well done! & all so very healthy....I'm guessing you have a soda stream & don't just drink the syrup???
    I would love a soda stream..have you tried carbonating your wine? just wondered if it worked....


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