Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sodastream Limited edition- World Without Bottles

Product:  Sodastream World Without Bottles -Limited Edition

"More than 300,000 tonnes of PET plastic soft drinks packaging could be saved every year by replacing traditional soft drinks with SodaStream, a new report has revealed.

Compiled by the Lancaster Environment Centre (Lancaster University) the document, called Soft Drinks: Hard on the Environment, highlights the environmental impact of packaging created by the £13.2 billion soft drinks industry.
The average UK consumer drinks 229 litres of soft drinks every year and the report claims that by making such refreshments at home using systems such as SodaStream, the UK could reduce PET soft drinks packaging by 84%, or 303,084 tonnes, every year.
That would mean greenhouse gas emissions associated with soft drinks packaging would be cut by approximately 600 tonnes every year, and water used in the production of soft drinks would be cut by around 66,300 million litres.
SodaStream, which commissioned the report, produces drinks makers which are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional soft drinks. They use less packaging, encourage packaging reuse and use a concentrate diluted with tap water to make drinks at home – saving on lorry loads of liquid being transported unnecessarily.
By switching from traditional soft drinks to SodaStream, the average UK household would use just 45 plastic bottles per year – as opposed to 433 traditional soft drinks bottles.
SodaStream’s Fiona Hope said: “Packaging prevention, reuse and recycling are vital if we are to create a ‘zero-waste’ economy. This report shows the environmental impact of soft drinks packaging – and how we can easily reduce it.
“SodaStream uses less packaging, giving consumers a solution which is fun to use and great-tasting as well as being environmentally-friendly.”
 Soft Drinks: Hard on the Environment is a secondary piece of work summarising existing research. Further primary research is being carried out and will be available in 2011."

Price:  from £59.99

Available from:, Argos, Amazon, Supermarkets

Suitable from: Any age

Score out of 5: 5

Initial Reaction: Wow, we were so excited. I always wanted a soda stream as a child but wasn't allowed. We couldn't wait to get it out and play with flavours etc. The packaging was very Eco friendly and looked great and the colours on the machine were bright and modern.

Pros: Compact and easy to use. Looks great in our kitchen. Saves money in soft drinks and flavoured sparkling water. The plastic bottle is practical for family use and is great for the enviroment too.

Cons: It only comes with one bottle and to be honest a spare would be great with a larger family.

Value for money? Great value for money

Overall Reaction: We loved the SodaStream. My teenager uses it every day for sparkling water and often doesn't even use flavourings which is great as it encourages her to drink more water but also saves on the packaging waste from our usual soft drinks.
The flavourings range from water flavourings to diet sodas and mixers such as tonic water and ginger ale. They are all reasonably priced for around £3.29 - £4.99 for the variety packs. Cylinders cost around £19.99 but you are refunded £10 of that when SodaStream receive your empty one back which seems like a good idea and also encourages less waste again.
The system is really easy to use, you just fill the bottle to the level indicator, screw it into the machine and press the button 3 times until it buzzes and bingo, carbonated water and then you can add any flavouring you want. Easy Peasy.
This is a definate must for any household. Big thumbs up SodaStream.


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  2. LOL Oh yes the wine experiment went very well. Instant Cava esk wine. :O) x


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