Friday, 8 April 2011

Off Colour but Not ill

Have your kids ever been just 'off colour' but not otherwise ill??? Caleb seems to be and I have no idea whats wrong.

He hasn't eaten more than a few bites of food in 3 days. He was a bit sick on Tuesday night but nothing since and doesn't seem to have any other symptoms. He's not that bothered about drinking either but I am managing to get him to take some milk in a bottle and the odd bottle of water.

You just know when your little one isn't themselves. I'm wondering could it be his back teeth or could it be hayfever season starting and although its not making him look unwell could it knock him off? Whatever it is I am keeping a close eye on him. I know when hes not right and in my opinion just now he is not.


  1. Aw, poor thing. It does sound like it could be teething related.
    I guess you just need to make sure he's drinking and he's still weeing and stuff. Obviously I'm no doctor.
    Is he refusing treats like chocolate and stuff too?

  2. Hes refusing everything hon. his nappy was dry today too but hes not drunk anything until tonight. I managed to get him to take a full bottle of water and a full one of milk too tonight. Im hoping tomorrow morning it'll be wet if not it'll be docs on call.

  3. Awe wee lamb. It's tough when you don't know what's wrong. Hope he picks up soon hugs x


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