Tuesday, 19 April 2011

DIY Dilema

What is it with men and DIY??? Does it turn them all into bears with sore heads or just mine??

Today, after it lying there for over 6 weeks my other half in his infinite wisdom decided to hang the shower screen I had bought. While he was away at college I did every other thing around here needing done but as the shower screen is a two man job I had to wait for him to get home. That was 3 weeks ago.

Today, HE decided to get round to it. It was a disaster needless to say. Now I have several holes drilled unnecessarily in the bathroom walls mostly due to the fact while I was telling him he was drilling in the wrong place he shouted and cursed about me not knowing what I was talking about. Then he fell out with me as when he did hang the damn thing as soon as I opened it it stuck open, due to the bottom hinge being in the wrong place. I rest my case.

He then spent an hour turning the hinge round and putting it in the way I suggested at first.

It's hung now, but how long until it falls off I have no idea.

I give up I really do.


  1. haha, mines a bit like that, he takes ages to get around to doing something, he then huffs & puffs that much about it I tell him not to bother...if he does go ahead it takes ages....so I don't often ask!

  2. GRRRRRRRRRRR is all I will say. LOL. GRRRRRRRRRR :o) glad Im not alone though. xx


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