Monday, 19 September 2011

Any Chance of a Decent Sleep???

Never a truer word spoken.


I go to bed, earplugs at the ready at a decent time, read not watch TV and very often drift off fairly quickly. Falling asleep isn't my problem. Staying asleep is.

I'm exhausted. I generally wake every hour to half hour, dose for a while then fall asleep again for another hour or so. It's broken sleep where I am aware of every noise and light round about me. (In a house where daughter and husband refuse to switch the bathroom light off its a problem.) I'm constantly aware of the bathroom light being on. It floods the landing and therefore comes in the glass panel in our room. That's when the neighbours extractor fan isn't switching itself on and off right through the wall from my head all night resembling something sort of like Dr who's tardis taking off.

I'm exhausted. I'm fed up waking up to go and switch off a light or cover the sky box lights, or close a window, or go to the loo, or turn the heating down/up or find my inhaler/earplugs/antihistamines. SAKE!!!!!! How hard can it be to just sleep through the damn night woman?

Things I must invest in. Earplugs that don't fall out. Eye mask. New husband who switches lights off. Restraints to keep daughter in bed. A gun for the noisy neighbours. A gag for the noisy cat. Horse tranquilisers for myself. THEN, only then will I get a much needed nights sleep? Unfortunately a few of these solutions may land me in jail where I'm not sure a good nights sleep will be forthcoming either. I guess I'm just destined to be exhausted forever.


  1. I am shattered. I suffer with insomnia and am a light sleeper, it is a nightmare. Coupled with the fact that I have back pain at the moment!

  2. I am with you on lights and noise. The hubby is not allowed to read in bed with me - he always used to. Even his breathing is annoying and stops me sleeping! Once I'm asleep though I'm lucky in that I usually stay that way. This made me giggle though - was it supposed to?? ;)

  3. Hysterical and I totally relate. My sleep has been rubbish lately. Even when my child ACTUALLY sleeps, which is usually never! Well never through the night anyway. I've taken to sleeping in the spare room as I was shuffling so much husband was not happy. Roll on the horse tranquilisers!

  4. Is it wrong to feel glad I'm not alone???? lol The sleep depravation has started lunacy. ;o)


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