Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sundays are Made for.....

What do we all think Sundays are made for? Family? Fun? Rest? Church? All of these are great and things I am all for if that's what you like to do on a Sunday. I like to visit my parents on Sundays sometimes. I like to go for nice days out with the kids and Hubby on his days off. I love lazing around as a family and doing not very much. I used to like going to church with my Mum now and again when Hubbys off to take the kids so we get peace and enjoy (but our minister left and its a bit dire at the moment) but today Caleb and I decided we have taken the meanings of Sunday to a whole new level.

This afternoon Sophie went off to visit her auntie and cousins with my Dad so Caleb and I decided some fresh air was in order. So we wrapped up like Scot of the Antarctic and filled his bag with treats and off we went the mile and a bit walk with the pram to the beach front and the fab park there. He was off like a whippet when he saw where we were going and his cute little face lit up. It was freezing and we were blown around like kites but it was great.  We watched the wind and kite surfers and the doggies swimming in the sea

He ran and climbed and swung for two whole hours. We had such fun I forgot to take any pictures. I only managed to drag him away with the lure of a finger of fudge and some apple juice. Luckily too as the minute we set foot inside the house the heavens opened. I got my washing in and the blustery weather had dried it well.

We are both now totally beyond tired and after this week the outing has taken me to a whole new level of exhausted but in a lovely content way. This little boys face is worth every second.

I may need another week to recover mind you that is after I attack the huge pile of ironing the windy day has granted me.

This is what Sundays are made for. (Minus the ironing of course)

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