Friday, 23 September 2011

Friendships that matter.

Yesterday someone did one of the nicest things and friends ever done. I received a wonderful gift in the post on a day I really needed it. An early birthday present from a wonderful lady. She's not only wonderful but deeply modest so I'm not saying who or what but basically she made me cry at what a truely lovely woman she is. (whether she would agree or not.)

I could write a post about all the wonderful things about her but she'd shrivel up at the thought so I wont do that to her.

I met her on twitter and developed a friendship with her I don't have with anyone else. For the first time ever I am completely open with someone. I tell her my inner most thoughts and she can pretty much pry anything out of me. She is a very intuative person and is currently learning how to use that to help others more and personally I can't think of anyone better suited to that exact career.

So you lady friend I just wanted to say Thank You again for the lovely gift and tell you I can't wait to see you soon hopefully and am thinking about you today especially.


  1. Aww that is lovely!

  2. Truly the nicest thing anyones ever done for me. ;o)

  3. It's lovely that you two are such good friends. You are very blessed to have each other x x x

  4. She really is lovely isn't she. If only she would accept just how truly wonderful a friend she is. xxx


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