Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Utterly Scrummy and Beyond.

I've said it before that I haven't been feeling too great this last week and had been struggling a lot with some stuff I have going on. My energy levels are beyond gone and I've been pretty down. I had a lovely surprise from a good friend the other day as I said which helped lift my spirits and then when I was on twitter the other day I mentioned what had been going on and the lovely Michelle from Utterly Scrummy asked if she could send me some of her brownies to cheer me up. My reply......... OHHHHHH YESSSS PLEASE!!!! It was a lovely offer and very very kind of her.

Today they arrived and as I was having a lie in this morning, Hubby brought them up to me in bed followed in quick pursuit by Caleb. The fact the box had the name of its contents on it might have explained their enthusiasm.

They were packaged beautifully and so fresh. Each one came sealed for freshness and you could tell they were newly made. YUM YUM YUM.We had a lovely picnic in bed before I'd even woken up properly.

Now I say brownies. These are no ordinary brownies. These are Uber yummy brownies. Hubby doesn't normally like brownies and these have converted him.He agreed they are so amazing.  Caleb who is a cake connoisseur was in cake/chocolate heaven. The two of them sat waiting for me to open more. Little pests.

S'cuse me. More please!!! Also note hubby hovering in the background. 

 Anyway I managed to rescue 3 for my personal consumption when they're not around. These brownies very much require private mummy time to appreciate their gorgeousness.

 I can honestly say I've never tasted brownies like them. They are for sure 'Utterly Scrummy.  Thank you again Michelle. I will certainly be ordering more of these brownies for myself and also as gifts for others. I looked at the website today after receiving them and they are so reasonably priced it makes a great gift idea.

If you fancy having a look or ordering yourself some pop over to www.utterlyscrummy.co.uk , and order yourself some. I promise you wont be disappointed. They are worth every penny.


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