Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Radox for Men Shower Gels/ Scrubs

Product: Radox for Men Invigorating Shower Gels and Deep Clean Shower Scrub

Price: Around £2.65

Available from: Supermarkets and chemists

Suitable from: Adults only

Score out of 5: 3

Initital Reaction: The packaging is bright and loved the scent mixtures

Pros: Most of the range smell lovely and fresh. Scrubbing particles in the scrubs remove dead skin and wake you up.

Cons: The lemon one smells a bit like bathroom cleaner so wasn't a favourite here. Slightly more expensive.

Value for money: I think they are not bad value for money but do think there are cheaper men's shower gels out there just as nice.

Overall reaction: When asked to test the new range of Radox for men Shower Gels I was pleased as my Husband and Dad both love smellies for men and I thought they would love this test. My Dad tried the Water mint and Sea Mineral Shower scrub and my Husband tested the Mint and tea tree Invigorating Gel, the Lemon and Tea Tree Gel and the Lime and Ginger Scrub.  Three out of the four of these shower gels/scrubs smelled lovely however the lemon one is a bit like bathroom cleaner. My husband was more than happy with the other two however,  and said that they really make your skin tingle and the scents were extremely pleasant to wake up to. My dad didn't like the scrub at all. He has sensitive skin and found the scrubbing uncomfortable he did however like the smell. I think its mostly personal preference on these gels/scrubs and I would recommend them. I like the way my husband smelled after using them and he liked the scrubs.

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