Friday, 23 September 2011

Happy Haircut

When is it obvious your kids need a haircut you may ask yourself? Well the answer is..................................

When a boys big sister can do this to him and he looks VERY pretty indeed.

This ribbon came round a prezzie i received in the post and Sophie proceeded to do the little mans hair. He did love it however, Daddy not quite so enamoured when he insisted in keeping it in all night. Needless to say today he had a haircut by me.


It might not look short to you but for us this is short short short.

Bless him.


  1. He is oh so pretty! I love to have Oliver's hair long too! The American style I like to call it! And what a lovely tribute to your friend in the other post. Isn't it lovely how we can make great friendships via Twitter. Vx

  2. Aint he just. I love his skater boy hair. I've only cut it boy cut once and wont again. Yes to the friendships. Youre one of the gooduns I'm so glad to have met too xx

  3. oh he looks gorgeous, I can't see the 2nd pic but I remember when you had it cut a while ago & hated it as it was short. He does suit it long and I love the curls


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