Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hurricane's a'comin!

So, obviously someone forgot to listen to my last post and pass on my message huh???  NO MORE GALES I SAID!!!! No???? Super thanks.

We are expecting the tail end of Hurricane Katia on Monday. Worst Places to be affected West Coast of Scotland (shocked face NOT) and Northern Scotland with gusts of up to 80mph. Oh super duper!!!! (sarcastic face is on right now.)

View from space of Hurricane Katia. 

Well this sucks ass a big bit can I just say. I just fixed the fence by myself yesterday and now I can probably kiss goodbye to that bad boy eh?

Moving across the Atlantic a day ago. 

Tonight I got proactive and put away our garden furniture and weighed the trampoline down. Wheelie bins were dragged round and are now adding extra support to the fence and anything I could weigh down is. We live with our back garden 500 yards in line with the West coast and and the full force of anything that comes our way from it so I am mostly praying.

The last time we had a hideous storm, January 2008 some of the houses nearby had windows blown out and we lost a substantial part of our roof and our garden gate. Hubby and I were lying in bed asleep and at 4am our loft hatch just lifted right off and came back down with an almighty bang. We looked at each other and shrugged. What could we do? Nothing is the short answer. At 5.30am it happened again followed by a massive bang from the roof and a lot of rumbling. Again we looked at each other with pitying looks and went back to sleep. When we woke at 8am it was destruction. Trampolines in the street. Bits of peoples roofs everywhere and most fences not looking too good. A large part of our roof lay on the back grass and our fence somewhere around 50 yards into the back field. Since then when we have a weather warning we semi batten down the hatches. I have been known to be out in the 70mph winds taking out the whirlie and putting away and generally propping up anything I can.

Tomorrow, all being well and if tonight's prelude of gusts dies a little I will attempt to go out and remove the trampolines matting from the springs (to let the wind blow through it instead of picking it up) and the netting which I asked Hubby to but he fell asleep.  Then I will have done everything I can do.

 The local windsurfers will of course be rubbing their hands together as I type this. It's a mad rush for the beach in that kind of weather. I may have to pop down for a look see myself.*cough*

The only people who really appreciate this weather. 

For the meantime now it's up to Katia. Lets hope she gets a little bored of the horrid cold  Atlantic seas before she gets here and blows herself the hell outta here!!!

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  1. The weather is pretty bad today isn't it. Hope it doesn't get too bad. x


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