Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Winter has arrived??

What the hell???? Did winter arrive while I slept last night and no one bothered to tell me???

I woke up today to destruction in my garden with gale forced winds off the sea and rain...... lots of rain. We took cover inside all day even though I probably could've taken Caleb swimming or something instead but it was just too nasty out.

Its September you know. Only just the startish of September!!! My Sophie was born at the end of September nearly 14 years ago and it was the hottest week of the year. Did no one bring this to the attention of the weather men???

I hate the fading tan and the central heating bills at this time of year. My hair hates the damp windy days too. Always lank and not pleasant in winters.

I'm trying to think of the plus side of winter to cheer myself up.

Here's all I can come up with:

1. Jumpers. I love jumpers. Big snuggly baggy knee length knits to hide the bumps and snuggle up in.

2. Snuggly nights in with wine, candles, a hot man (hottish) and a good movie.

3. Playing in puddles (reminds me must buy Mr C some wellies).

4. My birthday (is getting older a plus? hmmmmm prezzies are though).

5. Christmas. I'm not the worlds biggest fan of Christmas but I DO love buying for the kids and seeing their faces on Christmas morning (will so miss Misti though. It was her favourite day, playing in all the paper and all the excitement around her).

6. Mulled wine. (say no more)

7. Long walks on the beach prom with waves over your head in storms. Oh yes, I love the stormy sea.

8. Autumn. I love the colours of the leaves and the lovely Autumnal days for long walks.

9. Girls nights in with friends over dinner.

Oh, OK winters not so bad after all but please less gales this year for us??? I'm sure my fence wont stand much more.

What do you look forward to about winter?

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  1. oh yes, mulled wine!.....and chocolates, you can't forget the tin of Quality Street! I personally prefer Roses though....
    I got Jack some new wellies today, they look similar to those & are from Next, very cute.


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