Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween Party Friday

Sophie had her first grown up Halloween party last night. A few of the girls in her year hired a venue and a DJ and threw a proper late night dress up disco. A first Sophie didn't want to dress up for it (maybe not so cool when you're 13) but after much persuasion on Thursday I managed to get her to wear a cat outfit we got her last minute in Tescos.

She was happy to be a cat but didn't like the long trousers on the outfit. So yesterday 2 hours before the party we got the sewing stuff out and made it into a hotpants suit. Then she was happy as larry to wear it.

So, come tea time off she trotted all dolled up and here are some of the photos we took.

Personally I think she looks uber cute. As far as I'm aware the party went very well and they all behaved very well. Came home at the right time and all had great fun. Here's some other photos of Sophie and Caleb just messing around. 


  1. Sounds like she had fun! She looks so much like you!

  2. She had a ball guys thanks. You should see my sister laura shes her double. Wrong mummy syndrome. lol


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