Monday, 25 October 2010

My Birthday Online.

Last Friday was my 35th Birthday and I had a lovely day thanks to my family and all my online friends. Social networking really does make special occasion's seem more special somehow.

I must've had 40+ birthday messages through FaceBook and as many from my Twitter family. It really made my day. I'm not huge on birthdays as I get older and also as Hubby and I don't have a lot of spare cash we don't tend to do extravagant presents and this year especially things are tight so we are celebrating next week after payday. (This last month has been one of the toughest ever with our kitchen pipework bursting etc)I have found the last few years though that I look forward to them much more because everyone is so kind sending good wishes.

So what did I do on my birthday? Well, on the Wednesday before my lovely mum ,whom I don't see enough of, took me for a really lovely lunch while Hubby took Caleb for a few hours. Its the first time in 2 years that I've been out for a girlie lunch minus a small person and I had such a fab time. It was great to spend time with my mum who's run ragged all the time running after everyone and sometimes forgets me I feel but this more than made up for it all.

On Friday mum and dad also took Caleb for a few hours and my lovely and heavily pregnant sister took me out for lunch too. It was great to spend some time with her with no kids and especially lovely as her 2nd little boy is due to pop into this world by elective Cesarean next Tuesday 2nd November. She also lent Caleb and Gran and Papa Disney Cars DVD  for the day to keep little bubs happy and turned up with a bag full of her 5 year olds Disney Cars toys for him to borrow and he had great fun. By the time we got back Papa had had him out for a walk and he was sound asleep in the back garden.

Hubby is taking me to a lunch date of my choice next days off and also to buy a prezzie so I can honestly say for someone who doesn't do birthdays, I really enjoyed not doing this one.

Also a huge thank you to everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes too. All in all everyone made the day very special.

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