Monday, 25 October 2010

Walking Talking update.

Yes this is Caleb and yes he's outdoors walking and yes he enjoyed it very much.

His walking is coming on in leaps and bounds. Now we just need him to let go of a hand outdoors and walk by himself that way. Crawling indoors is completely finished with now. Yay Caleb.

Talking wise, he now counts to eleven unaided and is also recognising numbers visually and naming them correctly. He says full and correct sentences and statements. his favourite being at 8am 'mumma, where are you?' in the cutest whisper you've ever heard.

He is probably still a bit small and behind for his age but from this proud mumma, 'the boy done good!!!!!'

Go Caleb. 


  1. Doesn't sound like he is behind at all. Go Caleb!

  2. Yay, Caleb!! And if you can get him to have word with my daughter. She can count pretty much all the way to twenty but she refused to acknowledge the number 11. She always goes straight from 10 to 12. I don't know what 11 has done to offend her.

  3. HAHA thats fantastic. He skipped the number 5 everytime until yesterday when sister persisted with him and drummed it into him. lol he's got it now. So cute. Thanks dawn, Hes getting there isnt he? you know how long this has taken. Lolxx


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