Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Officially Walking, Talking, Running and Dancing.

I've blogged before about how Caleb's development worried me in the past. No more. It's all coming at once just like everyone said it would.

He's not only walking a few steps now, he hasn't crawled for days. The wobbliness has gone, and he can go at quite a pelt now and is nearly off to a run. He loves to stand in front of the television and dance without holding on and especially loves to turn round with a big smile and see us watching him and shouting 'dance'. He's a hoot.

His speech is coming on great guns too. He knows most of the animals in his ark and also when he sees them anywhere else he knows what's what. Fish, horsey, birdie, doggy, cat, and bear are is ultimate favourite but just some of his repartee. He tells me every morning that 'daddy's at work' and 'sis is at school' (he cant say Sophie yet so calls her sis)'Papa's away' and 'gran's at home'. He loves to shout all the different cars and colours and is saying 'one, two, three,' before he runs and also counts his fingers up to three.

Its official, I am no longer a stressy mum. He may still seem behind to some folks but to me he's way up there with Einstein. Ha Ha.


  1. wow just like that. So glad that's one less worry for you. Go Caleb!

  2. That's fantastic news! Hooray for Caleb!

  3. Thanks hon. I'm loving this stage, its a bit late coming but every days a new word or skill. Its great. :o) He'll be able to chat up your littlie in the near future.

  4. Oh may also point out that he says cool for yes now and shouts 'dude' at certain popstars. Theyre the privilaged few.


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