Monday, 25 October 2010

Not Enough Hours in The Day

Is any other mother of a toddler out there finding it as hard as me to get online these days or generally just catch upon all the stuff we have to do as there's just not enough hours in the day?

This is the first evening I think I've had to sit down and do some writing and catching up for over a week. I need roughly another 24 hours in each day. So I'm setting goals for this month for what I can do in the 24 hours I'm allocated every day in November.

Firstly, I have to try and catch up with more people as I never seem to manage time to just hang out or meet some of the mummies I want to meet and keep saying I will.

Secondly, there's a shed load of stuff needing done around this house before Christmas, including radiators to be taken out and moved (note to self must phone and chase heating engineer), gutters needing cleaned out and fascia boards sanded and painted.

Thirdly, I must start some Christmas shopping and Birthday shopping for Calebs 2nd Birthday on the 20th November which I've been putting off as I've no clue what to get him. We haven't got room for more toys with Christmas around the corner but want something he'll love. (ideas on a postcard please)

And fourthly and finally, make more time for my hubby. He's feeling seriously neglected these days. (when he's here that is)

Feel free to give me a kick up the backside to get on with these things any time you want. Much appreciated.

Calebs 1st Birthday. Small present ideas remember, for this year. 


  1. I feel your pain. My daughter just turned two this weekend. She got lots of presents but now people want to know what she wants for Xmas. Luckily we got her lots of smallish presents so not having too much of an issue with space. As for Caleb, one present we got her which I think he might like is an toy electric guitar. It was just £8 for Wilko's - do you have that shop where you are? - and is great because it's actually got strings and so many toy guitars these days don't seem too.
    Also now he's walking I would suggest a toy pushchair - you can get them in navy blue from ELC and Argos I think - for boys! I have yet to meet a toddler which isn't obsessed with pushing a pushchair around.

  2. haha love these thanks hon. I also saw a thingy from vtech on an advert just there which is a ebook type thingy for kiddies. He loves reading. might see if I can find that too. We have a wilkos new near us. Will go in and have a look see thanks.

  3. I share your pain Jules. I need sleep and so don't have enough hours in, well quite frankly, an hour! Miss B's first birthday is around the corner and so is Xmas. Where am I going to put it all? I actually thought about putting a toy box in the bathroom! Add to this, the fact that she only plays with books...I should really just get her a bookcase!

  4. Yes hon. Bookcase is on my list before xmas and also a huge storage ickea unit with drqwers for all his toys. His rooms so small. Hope miss B has a ball on her birthday.


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