Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My Girl is now a Teenager and that Cake too.

Well, its official. My little girl is no more. She's now officially a teenager.

Last Thursday Sophie turned 13. She truly can't be classed as a little girl any more, although that's been going on for some time now. On her birthday she was supposed to have her braces fitted so we hadn't planned anything for the day. As it turned out it was postponed until the following week so it was a shame for her. She had a nice day though we think and on Friday we went to Gran and Papa's  for a family party. She seemed to enjoy that.

So what did she get? Hi top pastry boots which she has on in her photo (seem to be the fashion. Odd) and a contract phone from us. From Gran and Papa lots of clothes that she'd chosen herself. From everyone else money. We went to Silverburn shopping centre on Sunday and she bought a Paul's boutique jumper with her cash. 

I baked her a cake for her birthday and one for Grans house which had frosting on and was a nightmare to transport but seemed to go down well with everyone. I hate baking so I'm glad she enjoyed it. 

Here it is. A lot of stress went into this cake.

Oh well, that's hers over with until next year. Next is Caleb's birthday in November. He'll be 2 and that's just as scary in my book.  No babies left...... for now. 

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