Friday, 29 October 2010

Organised? Me? No!

Hah! Well, that may be the case most years but I have today just completed all my Christmas and Birthday Shopping online for our kids and my sisters two. I rule!!!

I went onto Sainsburys online and got Caleb's birthday presents this morning in their better than half price sale. I ordered him a car garage,a JCB some cars and already have him some books. He doesn't have a lot of room in his bedroom and I don't like toys strewn everywhere so I guess that's enough from us as I'm sure he'll get some toys elsewhere. My family are all buying him clothes which he needs and books so that helps too.

Calebs first birthday

Then this afternoon I've been on Argos and other websites and got him his Storio for his Christmas and  some books for it, a dancing Timmy as he loves Timmy time and lots of little extras. I got Sophie a new digital camera, and the superdry jacket she wanted and she wants cash too so that's easy. I got 5 year old nephew a remote control Subaru as he loves them, and new nephew to be cute baby stuff.

Last Christmas

Caleb after Santa had been last year
that face makes it all worth it!

Yay me, now all I have to do it get for hubby and respective grown ups. This, I'm sure even I can do before Christmas.

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