Monday, 11 October 2010

New Shoes. OMG!!!

Today I went shopping with the kids during half term holidays.  We went to get some winter tops for them and ended up buying Caleb some new shoes while we were there as he seemed uncomfortable walking in his cruisers.

We went into the shop and had him measured and he's up a half size already and obviously because he's walking too he needed into proper shoes. He's now a 5E which is good as  he's always had teeny feet. His shoes look a bit more in proportion to his build now.

The woman went and brought out all her boys 5E shoes and the choices are seriously limited for boys I find if you want properly fitted shoes. He has his UGG boots and a cheap pair of trainers which are fine if we're out and he's mostly in the pram but for walking I like fitted shoes. So we chose the best pair I thought out of a bad lot and I went to pay. 28 QUID!!!!! I mean £28........... for 2 tiny pieces of leather??? Now I'm not stingy at all at spending on the kids, I was happy to hand over £45 for his tiny UGGs but at least they have growing room in them, but £28 seems a teeny bit steep for something he'll be in for a month tops if you ask me.

These specialist kids shoe shops have you over a barrel though really as if you want their feet to grow properly and their walking to improve we as parents really don't have many options, do we?

I'm now having a sit down from the shock and a strong coffee.

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