Monday, 22 November 2010

HE'S 2!!!!!!!!

Well, it's official. My angel turned 2 on Saturday. He's a big boy now. *sobbing*

My angel

Actually, it was a great day, regardless of all the work it entailed I really enjoyed it. 
We had all our families here. (including gorgeous brand new little nephew who was as good as gold) Caleb had a ball. He managed to stay up nap free until 6pm and then collapsed in an over excited heap. 

This is one tired boy. 

Everyone got on great and enjoyed the food and celebrations in good humour. My 5 year old Nephew Callum and Caleb had great fun with all the toys and ran wild. which was great fun to see, they shared everything really well. Although they had a squeeze at the cake before we got to light the candles there were no disasters. 

Bit squished

Sophie was a great help and a good laugh. Hubby and her were on call with drinks and unwrapping prezzies. 

His little face was a picture.

All in all it was a great day and my kids rock by the way. Happy Mummy. 

My Mummy and My boy

Is she really my child? 

My gorgeous sis and Bubs
New Garage


  1. Awww Happy Birthday Caleb! Looks like you had a really great day and the cake looks delish!

  2. Aww looks like a great day. Funnily enough the little one got that garage for her 2nd birthday too!

  3. Happy Birthday Caleb!! Pleased it was such a great day for you all!

  4. Awww Happy Birthday - but hes still a baby in my book ;)


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