Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Nutella Fest on Halloween.

Well that's Halloween over with and the kids are settled down again after all the excitement.

We went up to my sisters house on the night of Halloween and 5 year old nephew was out trick or treating with his dad. We hung out and met all the kids who came  tot he door dressed up. Caleb had a ball with a remote control car and balloon.

sweetest little skeleton. 

playing with big sister the cat.

Auntie and Uncle watching the fun

He was exhausted as it was after 8 oclock when we started getting juice and snacks for the kids when his cousin came back in but he was still a cute little skeleton.

Granny brought a jar of Nutella for before bed snacks which we brought home with us so yesterday morning Caleb had to try some and he loved it. Nutella on toast is now his big favourite. (yes I let my kids have chocolate spread for breakfast so sue me)I think you can maybe see that from these pictures.
whatcha looking at?


Give me more woman!!!!!
He Cracks me up. All in all he had a great Halloween I would say.


  1. Love the 'Give me more woman picture'! Came over from BMB to say hi!

  2. Thanks guys. Great to meet you ebabeelikes. Great you popped over. Off to have a look at your blog too now. xx


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