Thursday, 4 November 2010

Poor Babies Teeth

Calebs a little pet the last two days. His back teeth are seriously giving him jip. He woke up this morning with blood all over his mouth and bed sheets, which I've never seen before from a teething toddler. Have you?

He's so super clingy and wont let me do anything at all. I've tried all the normal medicines and herbal remedies and nothings helping. I've given him lots of cold things to chew on and even resorted back to old teething rings in the freezer too. Poor baba.

His bottoms red and has spots on that burst and weep.

I remember this with Sophie now. I'd forgotten how bad these manky molars can be for them. He sleeps through at night alright but he's very unsettled and crying/ whining in his sleep.

I've also got a 13 year old teenie in pain too after her braces were tightened yesterday. Her poor teeth are being pulled so far that they're loose and bleeding now. Her front two big teeth are so loose they shoogle around. The dentist claims this is normal but it's worrying her and me. I hope it is normal and that my little girl doesn't loose teeth during this straightening after going through all this.

My poor Babies


  1. I've never heard of a little one bleeding when they are cutting teeth. Poor Caleb - it's a really horrible process :(

  2. Neither had I? Wonder if I should be worried! :(

  3. Oh bless him BG is teething too, her back teeth are giving her a lot of pain too. I find frozen yogurt tubes and grapes help. I know how your daughter is feeling I had braces and they really hurt after they were tightened


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