Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Disney Cars Driving Me Nuts.

Disney Cars is to its credit one of the best Disney films of all time in my opinion. The graphics and scripts are second to none. I love it. Or should I say, 'loved' it. This was before Caleb made me watch it 4 times a day for months.

When we get out of bed in the morning it can be the first thing he says, 'want cars'. I have to try and distract him from thinking about it all the time. When we get downstairs it's almost impossible to distract him. I try everything and even put music on and say to him to come and dance. I try to get him to help with breakfast and let him potter around my feet but he generally whispers away 'want cars want cars'.

We've been stuck in a lot with the virus we've had and also the weather's been pretty hairy but I try to get him set up drawing or helping me, but still he's saying 'want cars want cars'. I'm demented.

Yesterday I managed to get away with having it on once over lunchtime, and then telling him it wasn't working for the rest of the day, but today it's been relentless.

We have the toys and a beanbag with Lightening McQueen on. Bless him he calls him 'stickers' his nickname in the film and he knows all the names of all the characters. His absolute favourite is Big Mac the truck which we don't have yet but maybe Santa might manage. (mines Mater but don't tell anyone I have a favourite.) Now Hubby's informed me that the sequel is due out in the summer of 2011. I'm not sure whether to be happy that I may be able to sway him away from watching the same one over and over again or whether to dread more months and months of freak out tantrums if I don't put Cars on.

Disney, I love you but you're cars are wearing this mumma down. :o)

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  1. I know I'll regret saying this one day, but I wish the little one would sit and watch a film. 5 -10 minutes is the most we get. The only thing she will sit and watch all the way through is Something Special, Gigglebiz or Jollywobbles. Yep, anything with Justin in it


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