Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My Names Gerrard.

Hi there. My names Gerrard the Bear. I've been lucky enough to go for a week to go to in Ayrshire in Scotland to stay with Caleb and his family. He has a sister who's a bit girl and and Mummy and Daddy. His Mummy has said I can borrow the computer to write a summary of my time with them.

I arrived last Tuesday while everyone was still in bed so was lucky enough to get in for cuddles before everyone got up.

Caleb especially likes cuddles and so does his sister although being 13 she pretends not to. Mummy said that's because of hormones? Not sure what that means but sounds very serious. I hope not as I liked Sophie a lot. She wouldn't let Mummy take a photo of her with Caleb and I though cause it 'wouldn't be cool'? I think I'm pretty cool and so did everyone else. Bloomin hormones.

Anyway, back to my adventure. I'm prone to getting sidetracked so please excuse me if I do.

Last week the weather here in Scotland was all yukky so we didn't get out much so Mummy Daddy and the tiddlers tried to make up for it in my last few days holiday and took me out a lot.

 Whenever we went out I got to sit in the back of the car with Caleb and Mummy always remembered to strap me in. Safety First!

Caleb's daddy is a policeman so we got to go and see the big broom broom vans and cars at the police station. That was fun and we met some Policemen and I got a cuddle. This was probably my favourite day as what boy bear doesn't love a fun police car. 

We also went to the beach and had a walk. I kept running off to sit in the sand but Mummy said it was too cold for that just now and that I had to stay all cosy with them. 

I really liked it though as it was super windy and fun. Mummy says maybe I should try windsurfing one day if I like the windy beach so much. This is where lots of people try windsurfing It looks fun.

During our walk we went past a golf course and Mummy says that sometimes the Scottish Golf open is held here. I wasn't sure what that is but it sounded very grand. 

Sometimes I got to hang out with Mummy and Daddy on my own when the tiddlers were asleep and I got a diet coke. Mummy said I could only have a little as she didn't want me up all night. We watched a funny film too that I liked and saw fireworks that night. Fun!
Caleb sang all the way there. It was a giggle. 
We went to visit Caleb's Gran one day. Daddy said we had to and we had a nice time. We got lots of goodies to eat and Caleb even shared his crisps with gran and I. 

This day we went to see the view of the Isle of Arran from the top of a big hill with lots of sheep on. It was lovely but very cloudy and cold. We didn't stay long in case I caught a cold. I loved my fur blowing around outside. It made Caleb giggle a lot. 

All in all I had a lovely visit in Ayrshire. I only wish I could've stayed longer and I was very sad when Caleb got upset when I climbed into my parcel to go onto the next family. I hope he's ok now. I'm sure he will be. Mummy gave him a huge hug and one for me too so I didn't feel left out. 

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  1. love all the photos. found you via BMB twitter thing. great blog. that beach looks amazing.


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