Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Gerrard Comes to Stay

Look who came to stay today. Its Gerrard the bear. He came for a short holiday in Troon from the lovely Fi at Childcare is Fun. We were super happy to see him and Caleb and I cant wait to have some super adventures over the next few days. Unfortunately today is a horrid day and has revolved around Calebs little cousins arrival into the world so Gerrard has just hung out and had some cuddles.

Check out Gerrards adventures at http://childcareisfun.co.uk/

I think we like him  a lot. 
Here he's hanging out in the landing waiting for Caleb to have his bath. 


  1. Looks like Gerrard has found a friend there! V cute!

    Hope he behaves himself and doesn't eat all your food!

  2. Thanks hon! He's defo made a friend! :)


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