Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Before and After - My gallery post

This week in the wonderful Tara Cains Gallery over at sticky fingers, we were asked to do our before and after photos.

I apologise in advance for some of the picture qualitys as I don't have a scanner for the older ones.

Anyway here Are my kiddies, before and after.

Caleb 4 Months 2009
Caleb 6 Months

Caleb November 2010 Nearly age 2
Now for my girlie , this is a really long before and after.

Sophie age 9 months 1998
10 months
Sophie now age 13. 2010

Where does the time go with our kiddies?? It seems like yesterday Sophie was born never mind Caleb. He is 2 in 3 days time and that seems like I blinked and missed it. Enjoy every day with them.


  1. Your children are gorgeous and you're right blink and you miss them growing up. I have stationary, I shall be writing soon xx

  2. quite something hey!
    ps. my blog has moved to, come say hello
    xx Notes xx

  3. So gorgeous. BG is two on the 27th very scary!

  4. They're both so gorgeous!


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