Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Not Liking Today

Today sucked. Completely totally and utterly sucked, and not just because of this hideous virus I've had since last week.

I got up feeling like a zombie and staggered around getting worse by the minute. Hubby was here for a short while before he went to work so he offered to get wrapped up and take me for some fresh air and lunch to the harbour.

So I started to get the house organised and struggled through the haze of feeling awful. Meanwhile Hubby tried to get Caleb organised at which point the little chap started freaking out. It started soon after his first nappy change, then in the bath, then when trying to dress him, then when he got his jacket on, then shoes, then car, then in car, then when parked, then when car parked in front of us obscuring the view of the van at the other side of car park, then over lunch, then at the rocks, then walking back, then in the car again, then when driving away, then at his dummy, then coming home, then getting jacket off, then shoes, then having juice, and so it continued.

Hubby's response?? 'That child's a brat.' Nope dearest, that child's coming down with something, (and a bit of a brat sometimes).

Anyway the only time he stopped was when hubby read him a book this afternoon.

As for Caleb's health. Yes, he does indeed have my virus. Great!!

*deep breaths*


  1. Oh dear. No sign of you feeling better yet either?

  2. (((Julesey))) Hope you are feeling better real soon. Mich x


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