Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Great Day with Friends

This weekend we were due to go through to visit Dawn (@the_moiderer) in Dundee and her family. We had decided saturday was as good a day as any but in true Hubby style he managed to get held on at work and didn't finish until 8am and we were due to leave at 10am. Two hours sleep???? I think not! I'd rather not be in his company in that kind of mood thank you! So, we postponed until Sunday.

It took us until 11am to get out the house and on the road but we did eventually and so glad we did.  It took us roughly just under 2 hours to get there and the countryside was gorgeous.

When we got there Dawn and her little girl met us and we got the kids outside to play where we blew up a bouncy castle and let them have some fun.

My Hubby and daughter decided to go on an adventure and see some of the sights and Dawns husband went indoors and we had some time to chat and play with the kids. She'd once mentioned 'what if we didn't like each other when we met?' but to be honest that hadn't ever crossed my mind. She's one of these people I've just liked from the first time we chatted on twitter. She is kind, caring, straight to the point, honest and secretly has a bit of a wicked sense of humour. Now, I've met her none of those opinions have changed and she has the loveliest family in her little one and hubby.

Other things I discovered???? She makes a mean chilli in her slow cooker, shares my diet coke addiction  and is extremely welcoming to her home.

Other things Caleb discovered???? He is a huge tease when it comes to girls, not to shove someone when they're on a swing (poor little one took a thump) , and Dawns hubby is secretly Lord Tumble. (He woke up on Monday asking for Lord Tumble)

Other things Sophie discovered????? Lord Tumble also is incredibly cool and played in a band, shares her like of horror movies and they have a wicked DVD collection.

Other things hubby discovered??? It's ok to meet new people and is great to find out you have plenty to talk about and to have things in common with.

The kids mostly played very well and had a nice time. We got to meet the new kitten 'spud' and everyone fell immediately in love with him. 

We stayed for dinner and headed off soon after as the kiddies were all shattered from their exciting day. My two both slept most of the way home.  

In true toddler style though Caleb woke up as soon as we saw the sea and was up until after 10.30pm but on good form.

All in all the day was a success and we had a lovely time. So, huge thanks to Dawn and family.

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  1. We had a great day with all of you. Really glad you made the hike


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