Monday, 9 May 2011


What age is OK to let your kids stay up to watch horror movies late at night????

Sophie adores Horror or so she told us....... So on Saturday night she was feeling a bit fed up and Hubby and I decided to let her up uber late and watch 'Scream' with us. We put out all the lights and wrapped her up in a blanket with toast, tea and thunder and lightening outside lighting up the room. BOOOOOOOOHAHA spooky!!!!

Well, there we are watching and she starts off by saying its not a Horror movie its a Slasher flick. I stand corrected. Next she tells us its predictable and rubbish. Then the killer jumps out a cupboard at someone and BOOM, shes under the blanket, screams out loud and stayed there for the rest of the film, screaming randomly.

I thought Hubs and I might burst a blood vessel laughing at her. Big tough Sophs whos 'always watching horrors at friends houses' was absolutely bricking it.

Best laugh we've had in ages.

End verdict however was,  she 'loved it and can we tape the sequels and watch them too?'.

I think she's gotten the watching a Horror Movie ( sorry slasher flick) down pat and we shall be repeating the process if only to get a good giggle at her. I'm thinking 'Candyman' next. *naughty mummy*.

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