Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cinema Trip

Last week I took Sophie the 'self proclaimed' horror movie fan to see 'Insidious' at the local cinema. We had wanted to see Scream 4 but it had finished at the weekend. I feel with everything that's been going on with Sophie recently that a bit of one on one mother daughter time is badly needed. I sometime wonder if things going from being just her and I then thrown into a family situation has had more of an impact than I first thought (not that I am making any excuses for some of her behaviours).

She had an orthodontists appointment so we went there then a quick trip to McDonalds followed by off to the flicks.

We arrived quite early so had a good chat and a giggle while the lights were still up and managed to wade our way through a good amount of pik'n'mix between us. As the film had been showing for a while the screen we were in was quite empty, 3 other couples in fact and one couple were right in front of us. I had the start of a horrible head cold and was feeling pretty rough so was hoping it might take my mind off it (and a bit of an oogle at Patrick Wilson would inevitably help). Sophie was just happy with sweets and plenty of room to put her feet up and snuggle down under my cardi.

So the film started and we said how lovely the house was and how cute the kids were blah blah blah then about 10 minutes into the showing it started with the creepy music and the strange goings ons then BOOM!!!!!! Full on scary jumpy screamy type frighteningness. (I know I know not a word, but sue me I was scared). Sophie first jumpy bit physically left the seat and screamed full pelt out loud. I had a jump but mainly, along with the ladies in front of us, giggled at Sophie's reaction.  Next Jumpy bit Sophie and I grabbed each other and screamed at the same time it was hysterical. From there on in we held hands for a while, and Sophie Physically shook. I said to her a few times did she want to leave but she would grin and say,' are you mad? This is great.' meanwhile disappearing further under my Cardi.

By the time we were half way through the fright night she had fully submerged herself behind anything she could only poking her head out now and again and giggled at me jumping and covering my eyes.

The film was great if you like seriously jumpy horrors (which I do by the way) and definitely worth a watch I think. It certainly made me forget my cold and all the screaming fairly clears the old sinus's. Sophie thought it was 'ace' apparently although I'm not sure how you judge a film when you were too scared to watch most of it.

All in all it was a great might out and we had such a laugh on the way home going over it all again. I hope we can find something equally scary and go again soon. If only so I can laugh at her again.

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