Sunday, 15 May 2011

Dear so and so

Dear People who are seriously opinionated,

I am not a seriously opinionated person. When you shove your opinions down my throat by having it in my face constantly it sends me loopy. I like help and advice. Advice from friends is good and helpful and much appreciated. This is different to unwavering tunnel vision opinions of some.
I'd appreciate it if you'd shut the hell up.

Yours unopinionatedly
easily annoyed.

Dear Dad

You are sending me over the edge with your inability to slow down especially now with all thats going on. Please don't fall asleep at every turn then tell me you're fine in an irritated manner when I ask.

Yours lovingly and concerned
your daughter.xx

Dear Daughter

It would seem you are determined to push myself and all adults concerned in your welfare and wellbeing into an early grave. How about you stop being such a complete idiot right now and buck the hell up. Get your head down at school and stop giving teacher snash. Remember what you've been taught growing up about respect for others and yourself and give me a bloody break before I run away (and gran and papa will come with me too I'm pretty sure).

Your loving mother who right now would like to strangle you. xx

Dear Traveller Types.

Come to my door again this summer with leaflets or pushing me to use your services and I will punch you in the face (or somewhere else for that matter). That is all

This Homeowner

Dear Caleb

I know its Known as the 'Terrible Twos'. Doesn't mean you have to strickly abide by the label so how about I have enough on my plate with your insane sister right now and STOP!!

Yours your eternal servant

Dear Sister In Law

Bite me. That is all


Dear So and So...

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