Monday, 9 May 2011

Super Mummy???

Ok. So, the boy's been a bit of a nightmare as I've said. At the weekend things escalated. Daddy was off and at home and when he's here Caleb's routine and the consistency of my disciplining etc goes out the window.

When we use the naughty step normally he gets told to behave, then he gets warned about his behaviour and then he gets taken to the naughty step and told why he's there. When Daddy's here its 'do you want to go and sit on the naughty step?' Answer......... 'yes please daddy'!! Not a question and also now the step is no longer a threat but a fun thing to do.  Hubby was in a foul mood all weekend and questioning why the hell anyone would want another one of these creatures. He lost the plot more than once and was generally a misery to be around. In fact they both were.

Today it's just the boy and I all day and he was an angel bar one meltdown at bedtime but mostly caused by exhaustion and that's forgivable. A cuddle soon sorted that out.

Anyway, the bottom line is there is no unity on discipline between us and what's acceptable. When he's at Hubby's parents house he get sweets and treats to stop bad behaviour and no matter how many times I say what I do for discipline its ignored.

My solution????? Today I went to the library and I have taken out the 'Supernanny' book and I shall be telling husband dearest if he doesn't read it and take heed there will be a bloody divorce!!!! I've read it and he better support the methods I'm adopting and stick up for me elsewhere too.

Here comes SuperMummy and a new approach. Fingers crossed it works.

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